Custom Medical Stock Photo is a Stock Image Solutions Provider for Health Communications.'s biomedical staff represents the medical, scientific, forensic and health care creative stock imagery from over 400 medical professionals.  We offer specialized stock images, a complete medical image library offering broad subjects with in-depth categorization and detailed captioning. Stock images can be licensed for your use to advertise, any special project, editorial projects, websites, lectures, blogs, videos, conferences, cinema and more.

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CMSP listed over 800 diseases & conditions with links to an array of unique images in our medical stock photo library.  The Visual Medicine Index is a continuing project so not all of our medical, forensic or health care subjects are listed. You will still need to search the libarary directly using our search "Search by Keyword or Image ID" accesible from the search field at the top of every page.

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Assorted conditions.

Ocular Conditions

A reference guide of illustrations.


Surgical image samples without blood.


People, drugs & production.


Viruses, bacteria, mold & fungus samples.

Drive-Thru Clinics

Scenes from minute clinics.


Some scenes from the ER.

Holistic Medicine

Eastern medicine, homeopathics, chiropractic samples.


Respiratory disease, histopathology, gross pathology.


The faces of infancy.

Medical Imaging

MRI, CT, PET, X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound & more


Nurses, techs, & patients.


The lighter side of being a patient.


Sleep investigations.

Image Spotlights

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Last updated: April 25, 2014